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I haven't actually worked on it for very long, but I had been thinking about it for ages. I have to say I think the final result turned out really well. Looks like I'm getting a bit better at 3d stuff too.


2009-11-22 22:33:36 by Danami

Seriously. I would like nothing more than to make music as awesome as some of the people here on newgrounds can offer, yet I find myself unable to do so. Whenever I attempt to try anything that actually appeals to me it seems as though I am nothing but a failure and cannot succeed. Hopefully someday I can find my try talent, something that I can hopefully enjoy doing.

Joined NG

2009-05-16 23:15:37 by Danami

I joined not long ago, but have been visiting this site for ages. If only I had bothered to get registered a long time ago; then I would be a way higher level, if it even matters.

-Dan Anami